We'll be presenting the nUFO at the ICMI Workshop in the MuC conference in Hamburg/D

Workshoping the NonTrivial Musical Instrument: nUFO

in Wien!

Live on Film!

Airborne Instruments' nUFO is prominently featured in Johana Ozvold's's movie "The Sound is Innocent" !

nUFO presentation/lecture/demo @ TU Berlin Symposium Interacting with Body, Electronics and Space with Atau Tanaka

nUFO festival presentation at lunchmeat festival Prague!

Proud to present the AI nUFO @ Futurelab in Shanghai!

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2021. 11. 05-2021. 11. 14

The nUFO – Nontrivial Musical UFO – is a new digital music instrument that facilitates a unique form of intuitive gestural play supported by its wireless interface and special software architecture. Unlike conventional musical instruments, it can be moved freely in space: orientation, tilt and movement influence the music in realtime.


• The first available instrument that you can move freely in space!
• Fully wireless handheld Interactor


• Gestures become music
• Movement becomes meaning
• Ultra-fast learning curve - suitable for kids, too


The Post-Control mantra: LOSE CONTROL, GAIN INFLUENCE:
• forget about those pesky parameters and mappings
• just move, listen and play by ear
• complex intuitive control at your fingertips
• The Influx © mapping between movement data and sound parameters takes care of everything.
• after all, when do you really have full control ?-)


• Hardware: nUFO_Interactor in your hands
• Software: NTMI_App on your computer


• control up to 4 sounds simultaneously with your gestures


• create enveloping multichannel audio in stereo, quadro, 5.1 surround, 7.1, sound dome - you name it -
• just connect a multichannel audio interface and you're good to go!


• all software is open source and easily accessible.
• extend it with your own sounds by following a super-simple protocol
• or use it as an interface for any of your OSC-aware sound&visuals applications
• The Airborne nUFO_App is proudly made with SuperCollider

nUFO presentation/lecture/demo @ TU Berlin Symposium Interacting with Body, Electronics and Space with Atau Tanaka

We are Airborne Instruments!

Purveyors of fine Digital Music Instruments for the 21th century.

Our passion is…, we always wanted …, years of …, now finally …, the FUTURE!!!


The Preacher

A real son of a preacher man from Seoul, Isak quickly left southern soul for funky punk music. After reaching Berlin, the locals discovered his feel for techno, and now everyone is asking him to DJ at their party.
But his thirst for a unique musical expression was unquenched until he found a musical home in SuperCollider’s immense sonic possibility space.
Isak has invented the nUFO and takes care of AI’s product design.


The Teacher

Raised between Italian wineries and cowbells on alpine meadows, Hannes' early life was imbued with the Sound Of Music, the Tyrolean way. Moving from folklore to classical to metal to find a new home in electronic music, and in Berlin, he is obsessed with the sonic possibilities of coded synthesis and gesturally rich interfaces. Plans to found a possibility space travel agency.
Hannes takes care of AI’s electronics.


The Guru

The man behind the sound of avant-garde electronic music heroes like Florian Hecker or Marcus Schmickler, Alberto is a key figure in the musical universe of SuperCollider. Might have founded a possibility space travel agancy by now.
Alberto takes care of AI’s software engines.

Airborne Instruments
c/o Hoelzl/Han
UdK, Grunewaldstrasse 2-5
10823 Berlin, Germany, EU

Our electronics are manufactured to our designs by our friends at Bastl Instruments in Brno/CZ.

nUFO's instrument bodies are lovingly crafted from recycled plastic by the happy plastic people :) at Studio Raw Paradise here in Berlin.

All content by Airborne Instruments: Isak Han / Hannes Hoelzl, Berlin/D.
Product images: © Yong-Ju Choi
Website: © Liebermann Kiepe

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